Klaavi is a central grant system for Madetoja Foundation, Sibelius Fund and Georg Malmstén Foundation.

Music Creators’ Fund

Music Creators’ Fund promotes and supports activities and the work of Finnish music creators and music creators living in Finland by granting stipends. Stipends are applied for via this system.
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Open grant round
1. – 31.8.2022

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1. – 31.10.2022

Sibelius fund

The Sibelius Fund of the Society of Finnish Composers was set up on 18 October 1945, in connection with the founding of the Society and pursuant to its mission, the purpose of the Fund being to help safeguard the financial standing of composers.
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1. – 31.10.2022

Madetoja Foundation

Composer Leevi Madetoja, who died in 1947, bequeathed the copyright royalties from his music to the Society of Finnish Composers. His will was executed when his wife, poet L. Onerva, died in 1973.
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1. – 31.1.2023

Teosto's coronavirus support

The Teosto Fund will provide special financial support to composers, lyricists and arrangers as well as music publishers to lessen the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2022.
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Multiple funds accessible with one registration

Klaavi allows you to register one user account and create applications to compositions, concerts, recordings, etc. Submitting applications is simple, and you just need to have your material ready.

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