Composer Leevi Madetoja, who died in 1947, bequeathed the copyright royalties from his music to the Society of Finnish Composers. His will was executed when his wife, poet L. Onerva, died in 1973.

The Madetoja Foundation was set up under the control of the Society in 1997. The Society uses the royalty income to promote Madetoja’s works and other Finnish music, particularly in the form of grants for commissioning new music.


The Madetoja Foundation administered by the Society of Finnish Composers invites applications for grants for projects involving works by Leevi Madetoja and for commissioning new music from Finnish composers. Grants may also be awarded, on a limited basis, for the recording and performing of new Finnish music.

The grants are principally intended for performers and performing ensembles that do not receive substantial support from public funds. Applications should be submitted by the performer(s), or in the case of a commission the commissioning party, not the composer. Grants will not be awarded for projects already completed. Grants will also not be awarded to applicants and/or composers who have already received a grant from the Foundation for any project currently in progress. No applicant will be awarded a grant in two consecutive years. As an exception to the above, grants for recording projects may also be applied for by the composer.

An application for a commissioning grant must include written consent from the composer. The composer receives a link to their email to confirm that the commission and the fee have been agreed upon with them. A composer must accept only one grant application per round.

Corporate bodies submitting a grant application must append their most recent financial statements and budget.

The grants will be paid out after the fact, against an account of expenses incurred.

Madetoja-säätiö/Madetoja foundation
Keilasatama 2 A
02150 Espoo

Public advocate
Vappu Verronen
+358 40 500 5905
Phone service:
Thu 12.1.2023 2–3 pm
Thu 26.1.2023 2–3 pm
Tue 31.1.2023 10 am–12 pm

Grant rounds


Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2023
22 grants given, for a total of 68 250 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2022
26 grants given, for a total of 85 100 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2021
20 grants given, for a total of 63 000 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2020
19 grants given, for a total of 57 500 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2019
16 grants given, for a total of 55 360 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2018
20 grants given, for a total of 68 000 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.1.2017
16 grants given, for a total of 45 000 €