Sibelius fund

The Sibelius Fund of the Society of Finnish Composers was set up on 18 October 1945, in connection with the founding of the Society and pursuant to its mission, the purpose of the Fund being to help safeguard the financial standing of composers.

Jean Sibelius, who celebrated his 80th birthday that year, gave his permission to the fund being named after him. He was invited to become the first honorary member of the Society in 1945. The Sibelius Fund awards working grants, and since 1991 it has also been awarding grants for composition commissions. The Fund is an independent entity, but its Board of Trustees is elected by the autumn general meeting of the Society of Finnish Composers. The initial capital for the Fund was obtained through public subscription.

The Sibelius Fund of the Society of Finnish Composers awards the following grants to promote the Finnish creative musical arts:

1. Grants principally for composing concert music (classical music), secondarily also for composition studies. Grants are not awarded for recordings, instrument purchases or equipment purchases. Grant recipients must submit a report on how the grant was spent by the end of the calendar year following the year when the grant was awarded.

2. Grants for commissioning new chamber music works. These grants may be applied for by musicians and festival organisers, for instance. Grants are not awarded for projects already completed.

3. ‘Pegasos’ grants for setting Finnish poetry to music, primarily poetry by living Finnish poets. Grants may also be awarded for commissioning a poet for this purpose.

4. Erik Bergman grant for a Finnish composer or a composer with residency in Finland. The grant will be given to a composer who has already shown her/his skills and "works in the spirit of Erik Bergman". The Erik Bergman grant is not awarded annually. The grant will not be awarded in 2017.

Since 2018, the Sibelius Fund has awarded 1-3 grants or scholarships specifically for the composition of sacred music. Please check the dedicated box on the application form if the application concerns sacred music.

Grants awarded under points 1, 3 and 4 are tax-free income for the recipient.

Grants awarded under point 2 is taxable income for the recipient.

Suomen Säveltäjäin Sibelius-rahasto/Sibelius Fund
Urho Kekkosen katu 2 C
00100 Helsinki

Public advocate
Annu Mikkonen
041 5273770

Grant rounds


1. – 31.10.2020


Granted stipends 1. – 31.10.2019
28 grants given, for a total of 78 300 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.10.2018
24 grants given, for a total of 76 200 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.10.2017
21 grants given, for a total of 68 500 €
Granted stipends 1. – 31.10.2016
23 grants given, for a total of 82 000 €